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      Many people just simply do not realize the importance of their vehicles shocks or struts. We often have a tendency to think that all they are there for is to improve the comfort of our car's ride, and who really cares if the ride gets a little bumpier as long as I can save a few bucks right? WRONG! Your shocks or struts are in fact an integral part of your car's suspension insuring that your tires maintain proper contact with the road. Worn shocks or struts can mean increased and uneven tire wear. Poor contact with the road surface can increase stopping distances and greatly decrease the handling and safety of your vehicle.

      At Neighborhood Car Care we are always happy to inspect your vehicles shocks or struts free of charge and advise you on whether or not you're in need of new ones. Contact us today or come by and see us. 
    • BRAKES
      OK... lets talk about your brakes. I know this seems really obvious and most of it is, but your brakes remain the single most important component of your car when it comes to your safety when driving.

      Most of us have had an experience with squeaky, grinding or noisy brakes, but you may not realize that worn brakes are not always noisy. In fact in many newer cars your brakes can be very worn without much noticeable difference at all unless you are really paying attention to your car. So this makes that routine maintenance all the more important.

      When you come in to Neighborhood for an oil change or other routine service, we are automatically keeping an eye out for signs of brake wear or other potential issues with your vehicle. In an effort to do our best to keep you informed about your car and its needs.

      Bottom line, if you are unsure of the condition of your brakes, come on in for a FREE check up and we can let you know where things are at and give you some idea of when to check back in on your brakes.

      We all know that tires wear and that sooner or later we need to replace them. The signs of seem fairly obvious as the tread begins to smooth out, but what many people are unaware of is the way your tires are wearing actually says a lot about your car and even your driving habits.

      At Neighborhood we carry a wide variety of name brand tires at great prices but our goal is always to ensure that you are getting the longest wear possible from those new tires or even the ones you have now.

      Many things can contribute to premature tire wear, including as we mentioned earlier, worn shocks or struts, but even more simple than that is are your tires being properly rotated? You should really be rotating your tires each time you get an oil change.

      Tires wear a little differently when they are on the front or the back of your car or truck. Unless you have a lead foot and just can’t stop “peeling out” every time you leave a stop light, then you can expect more wear on the front tires. This occurs with the extra stress of turning your car, especially at speed. So if you are one who likes to take the corners a little on the quick side then you can expect some additional wear on the front tires.

      Beyond that however is your vehicles alignment. Sometimes you will notice more wear on the inside or outside tread of the tire, this is an indication that your alignment is not correct and that you should have your alignment checked. So if you are noticing that your tires look a little worn or are wearing unevenly, stop by and see us and we’ll be happy to check it out Free of charge. If you do need an alignment, tire rotation, new shocks or even tires, we are here to help with a square deal that will please your car and your wallet. Contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you.
    • TUNE UPS
      So how many of you remember the days when tuning up your car meant running to the closest parts store for a set of points, plugs and a new cap and rotor? Well it seems those days are gone forever and so are points for that matter. Today’s computerized electronic ignition systems are more efficient than ever, but they are somewhat more complicated as well. The good news is that these systems are capable of operating smoothly and staying “in tune” much longer than their predecessors, but sooner or later they still need your attention… or ours. To keep up on the scheduled service needs of your vehicle, have a look at your owner’s manual, or better yet, contact us today, we’re happy to give you that information and are here to help keep your car running it’s very best.

      Remember the old saying "an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure"? Well, when it comes to your car, those really are words to live by. A few minutes at our shop can save you hours of unnecessary time waiting for help on the side of the road. So let us help you ensure your car will always be in top shape when you are counting on it.

      We are here to help and are always happy to provide a FREE analysis of your car and its needs, so contact us today to make an appointment or just stop by.
      I know we have all heard this one, I have even alluded to it in our other service articles on this page, and yet it is still worth repeating, there is nothing more important to the service life of your vehicle than keeping up with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations, belts and hoses, etc. Are all things that your car needs to not only run its best, but in fact, eventually, just to keep running at all. Almost always this maintenance is inexpensive and easy to complete so contact us today for an appointment or to go over the specific maintenance needs of your car. Together we’ll keep your car running its best.

      REMEMBER: At Neighborhood Car Care we can handle any of those maintenance issues or repairs that you may have thought you had to go to the dealer for, so don't get stuck paying those high dealer prices just because you thought you had to, we are always here to provide a free estimate for the work you need done. Compare the difference, you'll be glad you did.
      If the check engine light is on, it is important that you have your car checked. This can be an indication of an emissions problem and is often a simple fix, but can also be a sign of more serious issues. At Neighborhood, we are always happy to perform a FREE Inspection of your vehicle to assess the problem.

      Contact us today for an appointment.
      Whether you drive a vehicle with an automatic or manual transmission, it is very important to keep up to date on any service requirements for your vehicles transmission. Proper maintenance can save you big time on future repair bills. So, yes, we are saying it again, follow that service schedule, it really does make a difference.

      Now if for your needs we are too late for simple maintenance, not to worry, we can help get things back on track and are glad to provide an assessment of your cars needs and an estimate of the costs.

      If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission then chances are that eventually you will need to replace the clutch… or someone else will. In any case if you have never experienced a slipping clutch, here are a few things to look for to tell if you are getting close to needing your clutch replaced. You’ll notice that the car takes longer to get moving when you release the clutch, you may notice a hot smell and the car may seem a bit underpowered and the clutch pedal may feel a bit soft. If you are noticing any of these indicators come on in and let us have a quick look it may be as simple as a quick adjustment and if its not, we'll still have you back on the road in no time.  
      If your vehicle seems a little noisier than it used to, or you are smelling more exhaust fumes when you drive or pull into your garage, it may be time for a new muffler or to check for an exhaust leak. Today's cars emit much less pollution than those of past years, but an exhaust leak is still bad for your car and potentially for your health. So don't put it off, it does not cost a thing to come by and have us take a quick look.

      Hey I know what you are thinking my air conditioner blows cold so all is well and you may even be right on that, but even your air conditioning system does require occasional maintenance to ensure that it will blow cold air when you want it to. Don't get caught in the heat, it only takes a few minutes to test your cooling system or to top it up with the needed coolant.

      If your air conditioning or heating problem is more severe, no worries, we are here to help. Contact us today for an appointment.
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